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Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
maryland seat in the united states senate with two goals. i want to make simple our political process. just one subject for each bill with bill that are written clearly, to the point for all to understand. i want to use the technology that already exists to return the meeting house process or direct democracy. i intend to reestablish a public vote on every issue. giving every registered maryland voter the opportunity to vote on each bill allowing citizens and government to again work together. putting us back into the united states. in my term i will keep you informed. collect your educated votes and carry them to washington as your representative then returning the power of the senate to the citizens of maryland. do not give up your vote to the wishes of a politician and their financial supporters and lobbyists for the next six years. vote ed, your vote can create effective change in our generation. so your vote will once again regulate government activities. so your vote will reestablish the checks and balances of our forefathers, your vote can eliminate corporate control, force lob
Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
firefighters are hurt in the line of duty and 100 firefighters lost their lives in the united states every year. >>> a new study found that the hpv vaccine is safe, even for girls as young as nine. concerns emerged in 2006. garr da sill prevents -- gardasil prevents hpv. the only side effects for younger patients were fainting and skin reaction. the study was funded by, of course, the makers of gardasil but reviewed by independent experts. the cdc said the drug is safe and recommended. >>> stretching may not seem strenuous but fitness experts say it should be part of your daily routine. it helps you focus, cut out stress and even make you look younger. what a plus. it will also improve your overall fitness level. >> one of the main purposes of stretching, having a stretching program is to identify the unevenness in the body and the tightness in the body that could be holding back your fitness program or athletism or daily life. >> the best way to stay limber is to routinely stretch. find a good stretching guide or trainer to show you. >>> all right. bge is working to make sure you are not
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. no nation has been charitable, humane, conclusive and moral as the united states, in every one of our admirable characteristics is the result of liberty, a free men and women making choices, taking risks, finding out what works and doesn't, securing rewards and responsible for the failures. the government has grown beyond it's moral limits, our exceptional characteristics become less and less exceptional, cultures rotting, prosperities eroding, morality reseeding options becoming limited. when plunder becomes a statutory entitlement, no one respects the life libber thety or property of anyone. all your problems are the result of this transformation from liberty to government dependency, the solution is restore liberty and reduce government the mosh limits where it's concerned with defending individual rights, that's my commitment as an independent congressman. >> thank you for the statement. we will go through questions that we have time for. first the economy is on everybody's mind. $16trillion in devment 8% of the country sun employed. housing market is a mess. what would you do
Oct 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
referred to education in the united states as quote, the civil rights struggle of our day. do you agree with that assessment? >> to a degree i agree. education, whether good or barksd tran sends all bases. there are options such as charter school. the only thing the government is assigned to is to promote the arts and sciences. it's best left to the state and local ties. >> what do we need to do with afghanistan? >> we need this get out and stop this constant building up of other nation. that's driving part of our debt because we can't sustain it. those nations need to create their own destiny and they ned to choose what government is best for them. >> is the healthcare reform act the answer. this is president obama's landmark piece of legislation and mitt romney said he will repeal it. what do you think? >> i don't support it. romney said he will repeal and replace. free market solutions will fix this. free market is where we need to g the problem is whenever government gets involved, it costs more and we usually have more problems come from government getting involved. >> while
Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >> only four weeks ago i had no idea i would be the candidate for united states congress for district one. there was another person who had to withdraw just a few weeks ago so she will still have her name on the ballot, so i will be a write-in candidate trying to win against our republican candidate andy harris. my opening statement is that i am an obgyn not a career politician. i live on the eastern shore and i have been a resident here for over decade, been taking care of patients for 40 years one on one as a doctor and then in the last 20 years working in public health. it's been a natural transition for me to get involved in politics and what i see as the nation needs healing. right now we have a representative, who is not standing up for the bay, not standing up for women's rights, not standing up for the average citizen. he is not representing district 1 at all. testimony' e -- if i'm elected, i will stand up for social security, for medicare. i will try to improve and implement obamacare and stand up for the rights of women. so if you think about it, this election is g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5